Commission on Social Security UK

Led by Experts by Experience

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Who are WE?

The social security (welfare benefits) system is failing.

But there is little agreement on how the system can be improved.

The Commission on Social Security led by Experts by Experience is a project set up to find out how the government could make the welfare benefits system better.

The The Co-chairs of the Commission are

Ellen Clifford, from Inclusion London and Disabled People Against Cuts;

Nick Phillips, from London Unemployed Strategies.

COMMISSIONER . Video with audio.

Work With Us

The Commissioners will soon be asking people to send thoughts and ideas for a better welfare benefits system. You can join us and give your thoughts by clicking on this link

The Commissioners are in charge of the work done by the team who support the project. These are: Michael Orton (Secretary – University of Warwick), Kate Summers (Research Analyst – London School of Economics), Austin Taylor-Laybourn (Observer – Trust for London).


Get in Touch

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  1. I have no idea HOW, but change must come to a system that has been repeatedly demonstrated to be unfit for purpose. A society is judged by its treatment of the most vulnerable and we therefore stand condemned. The government is attempting to sweep the UN’s condemnation under the rug. We must do better. No one should be reduced to despair and suicide by the system supposed to be rendering aid.

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  2. I am a Housing Officer working with many vulnerable people. 1. Sometimes people get their benefits stopped with no warning, this may be because they have not provided requested information such as wage slips for PT work (recent example) even though deadline was not clearly explained to them or put in writing. This is unacceptable leaving people with no money and all the added stress that this entails. Contact should be made with client first or ask them if they have a support worker or someone that you could contact. 2. I was told that no document proofs could be emailed so my tenant had to physically go to the DWP office just for scanning documents when I could have done this for him and sent them to you. Travelling is not easy for some people and requires expense for bus fares. 3. make it easier to claim. There are still many vulnerable people that cannot use computers or access websites for various reasons. Make an appointment system so these people can book and appointment to come in and make their claim (claim to be taken from date of phone call)

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